Go Without Your Ego At The Next Poker Game! Here’s why…

Read the book Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday? I guess you will agree with me that you cannot carry your ego to the poker tables! Apart from hiding your ego you should also know the details about Texas Hold’em poker hands . As for everyone else, it is noteworthy to know that our ego often leads us to a wrong path in life, while in our pursuit of success. While this is the main lesson the book had to offer, for a poker player this lesson is all the more essential to be carried into the poker table. Here’s a very common poker experience that showcases the dark side of taking your ego too seriously at the game in the life of a poker player! Read below to know more: Imagine that you were playing a tourney online, the day could be a few weeks ago; you did pretty good so far as to run quite deep into the game. But something went wrong and you got busted at the final table after losing a flip. Now the guy that busted you was not someone you are familiar with in the online crowd,

4 Famous Athletes Who Choose Poker as Secondary Career

Whether its casual games or high stake tournaments, even some of the biggest stars of sports are passionate about poker. From Rafael Nadal to Cristiano Ronaldo, there are many top athletes have chosen poker as secondary career. Let’s take a look at some of the most famous and talented athletes who enjoy playing poker. Rafael Nadal He is one of the most celebrated tennis players in the world. He has been titled ‘The King of Clay’ due to his achievements and dominance in the game. Rafael Nadal is one of the renowned sports player who is linked to poker. He joined a famous International poker site during a convalescence period from a knee injury in 2012. Cristiano Ronaldo Cristiano Ronaldo holds titles like three-time World Footballer of the Year, two-time World Cup winner, two-time European Footballer of the Year and all time World Cup finals top goal scorer.  He is known as one of the top soccer players. He has an agency called 9ine that lead to his interest in understan

How The Corporate World Is A Poker Game?

Poker is a game that requires a wealth of skills, from understanding people to taking smart risks. As the stakes go higher, the pressure also starts to build. Eventually, the table turns into a bomb of excitement that infects everyone. Studies show that the poker players develop certain skills which can be also helpful in the corporate world. Here’s 5 ways how playing poker can help you in business. Reading People Reading people is an essential poker skill. It helps to predict the opponents next move. The same holds for a successful business person. While signing a contact or monitoring market conditions before making any investment, knowing how to read people is pivotal. Learn To Calculate Risk In business and poker, you are measuring potential gain and loss constantly and deciding when to take risks. Both involve quick math, instinct and assessments.  The all in decision is exciting as it represents the ultimate risk. smart players like smart entrepreneurs take the ri

Emotions - A Game Changer When it Comes to Poker

From a smirk to a frown, anything can be a game changer. While for your eyes, we have sunglasses to make them impermeable but nothing much can be done to conceal a strained forehead, tightened cheeks or any other form of reflex facial movement. A lot of drama can be witnessed at the poker table. Some might pretend to leave with best cards in hand; others try to look aggressive with simply rags when it comes to Texas Hold’em poker hands . There are small talks initiated to divert attention from oneself and there is exchange of glances in an attempt to cover a no hand. How is showing emotion helpful and harmful at poker tables? We usually discuss and learn on what gestures convey but often get fooled by our opponent’s deceiving actions. These gestures although categorized as non-verbal form of communication are of late pretty unsubtle due to poor acting of our amateur players. Mastering this art to manipulate opponents especially newbies is easy but when you sit in front of p

Poker Can Make You a Better Businessman!

Poker is quite a popular strategy game that numerous people from various walks of life play and enjoy. The universal appeal of poker stems from the fact that the game is quite easy to learn. It is highly social recreation, provides great opportunities to earn some profits but also takes a lifetime of commitment. The parallels between success in poker and in business somewhat goes hand-in-hand. You can keep an eye on the tourneys that help you play poker online . How is it so? That is because winning in poker is like winning in business. Both relies on identifying where you have a positive edge, trusting your instincts and measuring the odds. Learning to escape the ‘sunk cost trap’ and an ardent commitment to constantly learn and improve are few things related to Poker.

3 Reasons Why Poker is Called Skill Game

With the increased importance of Poker Gaming in India a person needs to bust the myth of Poker being a game of chance or luck. This game is purely based on the skill set of the person. A player’s aptitude along with the combined ability to outcast the odds at the table with mathematical calculation helps one win the game. To be precise, one can state that to win Texas Hold’em Online game they need to have all of the below stated things – strategy, observation power and ability to remember about the moves that the rivals made.  1. Bluffing needs skill: While we have come across the term “bluff” several times, we also need to understand the fact that it is not that easy. Bluffing the opponent with a bad hand needs skill and an art that is revised on a regular basis. Accurate timing and consistent bluffing is something that can lead you to victory while playing a game either online or live. The entire phenomenon needs mathematical permutations and therefore l

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The Top 10 Poker Tips to Make You a Better Player Wish to become a much better player, quickly? To enhance your poker functionality & profits. Here are hints for winning more income at Texas Hold'em money games. Do Not Play Each Hand/Do Twist Longer Probably the number one error start poker players create Is they play too many hands. When you are just starting out playing poker, then you would like to play with poker, which means staying in hands which are not very good only to participate in this activity. But playing doesn't mean winning it normally means losing more. If you discover you are staying in about half or more of those hands you are dealt, you want to update your starting hand requirements. Do not Play Drunks There are instances where you are only playing with buddies for Low bets and it is more about the fun compared to poker. But if you are at a casino, then see the alcohol. The reality is, as you might be relaxed after two beverages; it may resul